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Lufthansa Technik launching new SafeDrone-Works platform

Online marketplace brings service providers and customers together

Safe Drone by Lufthansa Technik is offering a new online platform called SafeDrone-Works for professional drone services bringing potential customers and quality-assured service providers together. The platform is the latest online service after Health Condition Monitoring was introduced in 2017 allowing manufacturers and users of drones to monitor technical conditions when a mission has ended. The new platform’s standardized process saves customers time and effort in creating their requests and offers and increases efficiency.

Verification raises protection

SafeDrone checks all drone pilots and service providers thoroughly beforehand to ensure high-quality services. Pilots must present a license and prove their knowledge, experience and provide references as well as suitable drones and ensure that valid insurance coverage is in place. Customers can also assess the service providers using a transparent evaluation system ensuring long-term quality.

The online platform also benefits providers of professional drone services. Time-consuming tasks become a thing of the past thanks to templates for invoicing and processing payments. Payment security by the customer is also guaranteed. The service is free to all service requesters.

Platform to help develop market

Ulrich Hoffmann, Project Manager of SafeDrone, said: “We have created a transparent marketplace for professionals with our online platform SafeDrone-Works. This has several advantages for both UAV service providers and their customers. Customers are spared a lot of work and given a selection of quality-tested UAV service providers. And the UAV service providers receive payment security and can concentrate fully on executing their orders. That really benefits the development of the market.”

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