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Hamburg's Xing launches Brand Studio to find talents

Network's in-house agency to develop employer branding solutions as corporate culture gains importance

The Hamburg-based Xing career network is setting up an in-house agency called Brand Studio to focus on how unique employer brands are defined and reflected by positioning, the respective communication strategy and campaigns. This comes after around 97 per cent of interviewees said corporate culture was important to them, according to a recent survey by the Stepstone online job platform. “Cultural fit” is an important aspect of the recruitment process, according to 93 per cent of companies. Collegiality, leadership style and work-life balance are also gaining importance.

What makes my company unique?

“We believe that companies are particularly successful when they create an environment in which people can do what they are passionate about and are intrinsically motivated to do,” said Thomas Vollmoeller, CEO of Xing. Culture is thus a key success factor for companies. “In our experience, the ‘war for talent’ is not decided by pleasant benefits and career offers, but by a culture that enables people to develop and to be who they are,” he explained. Xing’s subsidiary Kununu uses a so-called cultural compass to analyse a company’s culture realistically. Staff evaluate their employer according to leadership qualities, strategic direction, interaction or work-life balance.

Matching employees to corporate culture

Brand Studio bundles the business units Xing E-Recruiting, Kununu and Kununu engage to develop holistic campaigns for companies. The aim is to find employees who match a company’s culture. The resulting depth of data is unique among recruiting providers, said Xing. More than 6,000 employers with an employer branding profile showcase their companies on the career network at present.

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New Work SE

Founded in 2003, New Work SE (formerly Xing SE) is the leading business network platform in the German-speaking world. The Xing online career network strives to align the shortage of skilled labourers, digitalisation and changing values through its services. Early in 2013, Xing strengthened its position as a market leader in social recruiting with the purchase of Kununu, a platform for evaluating employers in German-speaking countries. The company, which has been listed on the stock exchange since 2006, is headquartered in Hamburg. Xing has more than 16.5 million members in German-speaking countries including 1 million in Switzerland and Austria respectively.

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