Vollautomatisiertes Fahren Hamburg © Volkswagen AG

VW testing highly automated driving in normal traffic

Hamburg's inner-city test track for automated and networked driving - first in big German city

The Volkswagen Group Research is testing automated vehicles in Hamburg’s downtown traffic in a first test to Level 4 at real driving conditions, a press release said Wednesday (April 3, 2019). A fleet of five e-Golf equipped with laser scanners, cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar are driving along a three-kilometre section of the digital test bed for automated and connected driving in Hamburg. The results will be evaluated continuously to take full account of all data protection rules. The data will be incorporated in the VW Group’s research projects on automated driving to test customer services and improve individual transport. This approach will give Hamburg insight into infrastructural requirements and the effects of automated driving on the city.

Vollautomatisiertes Fahren Hamburg
Test section in Hamburg © BWVI/VW Presse

Hamburg as a model of intelligent transport

Michael Westhagemann, Senator Economics, Transport and Innovation, noted: “Two and a half years from now, Hamburg will be hosting the World Congress for Intelligent Transport Systems. Automated driving will play a key role. I am delighted that our strategic partner, Volkswagen, has already become the first user of our digital test bed. We will establish Hamburg as a model city for intelligent mobility and be presenting numerous innovative mobility projects to a global audience in 2021.” For safety reasons, specially trained test drivers will be seated behind the steering wheels during all test drives in Hamburg to monitor all the driving functions and intervene in an emergency.

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Levels of automated driving:

Level 1: Assisted driving
Example: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Level 2: Partial automation
Example: Travel assist i.e. combination of adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist
Level 3: Conditional automation
Example: Traffic jam assist
Level 4: High automation
Example: Park Pilot
Level 5: Full automation
Example: Fully self-driving transport


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